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Sara Goodman Confino teaches high school English and journalism in Montgomery County, Maryland, where she lives with her husband, two sons, and miniature schnauzer, Sandy. When she’s not writing or working out, she can be found on the beach or at a Springsteen show, sometimes even dancing on stage.

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This almost six year old wanted to walk home from kindergarten on this beautiful day, so we did! 

#littlejacobc #kindergarten #momlife #spring #springweather
Happy anniversary (I won’t say which one, but damn they’re old!) to my parents! Thanks for producing me and a spare and not making me wear that hat at my wedding… 

(Sorry, @agood001… love you! 😂)
For all my fellow educators, a reminder about Ramadan. 

#ramadan #teacher #teachersofinstagram #inclusion #inclusionmatters
Out here screaming happy pub day to my girl @allaboutthat_lace with her third novel, THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN! 

Let me tell you, this is the romcom you need in your life right now (especially if you’re like me and everything feels like a mess). 

The story: when the town’s millionaire dies, he leaves a competition to inherit ten million dollars. The only catch? You’re partnered with your arch enemy. Which, okay, fair, sounds rough. But hilarity (and love connections) ensue! 

Lacie is a master of chemistry in her romances and by the time the MCs get together, you’re SCREAMING for it to happen. 

Also? Total New Girl vibes in this (sorta) grumpy/sunshine romance. 

Grab your copy today wherever books are sold! 

#laciewaldon #theonlygameintown #bookstagram #newrelease #outnow #romcom #romanticcomedy #romance #romancebooks #newgirl #funnybooks #romcombooks
Mood. Anyone else? 

#stress #findingnemo
You know that thing, where if you’re really good at your job, they just make you do more work instead of rewarding you? That applies at home too.

In other words, this is my family’s fourth batch of hamantaschen this year 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

#momlife #jewishlife #hamantaschen #mombakes #baking
Happy first birthday to our puppy, Gracie Pancake! You’re a crazy little cuddle gremlin and we love you to the moon and back. 

And yes, I made “pup cakes” and wrapped her presents. Because I’m extra. Let me know if you need the recipe 🤣

#miniatureschnauzer #minischnauzer #dogbirthday #puppyparty

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