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Don't Forget to Write is out now from Lake Union Publishing.

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Sara Goodman Confino

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“When Lily Weiss agrees to be a bridesmaid in five weddings over six weeks, she finds herself and her bank account stretched to the breaking point in this hilarious novel filled with bridal meltdowns, handsome and obnoxious groomsmen, meddling mamas, wayyyyy too much Spanx, and one supposed-to-be-anonymous blog that allows Lily to vent. Sara Goodman Confino hits every note just right, with pitch-perfect dialogue and a healthy, fun dose of snark, along with plenty of love and warmth. A laugh-out-loud read.”

Maddie Dawson Washington Post bestselling author of Matchmaking for Beginners

“An appealing debut with depth and heart that fans of Jennifer Weiner will enjoy.”

Library Journal

“Whether you’ve been a bridesmaid a dozen times or somehow avoided the whole mess, For the Love of Friends is not to be missed. Funny and touching, Sara Goodman Confino has created a story that’s as wild as a good bachelorette party and as romantic as a first dance. I gobbled it up like wedding cake!”

Kelly Harms Washington Post bestselling author of The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

“For the Love of Friends is a delightful escape from reality—27 Dresses meets Mean Girls. The perfect mix of hilarious, outrageous, and thoughtful, with a deeply relatable heroine. An unputdownable must-read!”

Suzy Krause Bestselling author of Sorry I Missed You

“Amid a flurry of ‘I dos,’ bridesmaid Lily Weiss navigates five weddings in six weeks—her saving grace the Bridesmania blog she writes exposing the high stakes and high costs of wedding culture for those in the throes and woes of love. With Lily’s love life woven throughout, our bighearted heroine’s misguided attempts at bridesmaid wizardry will engage readers invited to attend this rollicking—and at times emotionally bruising—march down multiple aisles. Say yes to this story about self-reflection, forgiveness, and, ultimately, courageous leaps of faith, written with wit and razor-sharp truth. A real gem of a bridesmaid tale!”

Julie Valerie Bestselling author of Holly Banks Full of Angst and The Peculiar Fate of Holly Banks

“And for She's Up to No Good: “You can almost taste the lobster rolls and smell the warm salt air in Sara Goodman Confino’s latest, which will leave you smiling long after you turn the last page. When Jenna agrees to a road trip with her sassy grandmother, Evelyn, she never could have imagined how her life would change. Confino deftly weaves together two time periods to tell a charming and funny story of true love, second chances, and why we should always be open to new beginnings.”

Susie Orman Schnall Author of We Came Here to Shine

“A heartfelt and endearing story where generations of women do what women do best—keep one’s feet firmly planted while simultaneously moving forward with love.”

Ann Garvin Author of I Thought You Said This Would Work

“Brimming with voice and wit, Sara Goodman Confino’s She’s Up to No Good is as heartfelt as it is hilarious. This beautiful story sweeps you up in its magic and doesn’t let go—much like the vivacious main character, Evelyn, a feisty force of nature who teaches her granddaughter what it truly means to live and love without fear. Their adventures—and Evelyn’s tales—will have you laughing, crying, and cheering them on, and you’ll be transported to the setting of the charming seaside town of their family’s roots. This is a gem of a novel and a fantastic follow-up to Confino’s outstanding debut, For the Love of Friends.”

Elissa Grossell Dickey Author of The Speed of Light and Iris in the Dark

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Let’s not talk about the bribery needed to get this picture, but mama got a new iPhone and needs an updated background… 

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We’ve got four of us in four schools and I don’t want to kill my 96yo grandma. So that bandaid is a big relief! 🙌🏻 

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Rough day and all I wanted to do when I got home was climb into bed. But as @codyrigsby reminds me and as I remind my kids (both biological and students), we can do hard things. So I got my butt on the bike and made myself feel a little better. Because I can do hard things. 

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Okay but what’s wrong with addition, subtraction, and memorizing multiplication tables? If it ain’t broke, why do *I* have to learn about number bonds and five cards? 

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